Overt Outreach

Social Media Empowerment & Specialized Virtual Training for Authors

What you can expect to learn and take away from this training:

Your Authors Manual that provides the platform for Social Media Building with a Step-by-step process outlining everything you will learn, beginning with Twitter.

  • How to Create your free email with Google Gmail to be used to create a Twitter Account.
  • How to Create your Twitter banner, using a step-by-step, hands on process.
  • How to size your banner to meet the specification requirements for Twitter.
  • How to insert your banner into your twitter profile.
  • How to build your Twitter Profile.
  • How and Why it’s important for you to Tweet.
  • Learn the tricks and proven method to build your Twitter following.
  • How to maintain your twitter follow to following ratios.

The Step-by-step process in building your Author Page on Facebook (included in the manual):

  • How to resize your banner for Facebook.
  • How to build out your Author Profile.
  • How to find and build your following on Facebook.
  • How to post on Facebook.
  • How to link your Facebook to your Twitter account.
  • Promoting on Facebook (free vs. paid).

An overview on what is needed to build your AuthorCentral site on Amazon.

  • Find and Following Authors on Amazon.
  • Adding video to Amazon.

An Overview into the Four-Retreat Program and special offering for Tom Bird PublishNow Authors.

Contact John Hodgkinson at overtoutreach@gmail.com

This is going to be an extraordinary adventure.

You’re going to build social media Author sites that you can be proud of and get your message to more people than you ever imagined. This exciting retreat will empower you to begin a journey of a marketing adventure beyond writing your book. All this, in just once day.



Tom Bird PublishNow Authors


Saturday, November 3rd