While watching the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics 2018 currently happening in PyeongChang, South Korea, it struck me why not join in on the spirit of the Winter Olympics. In a time when the world is plagued with ambiguities related to our Nationalities, let’s recognize that we are a Global World and join Authors across the Globe in promoting, Authors Meeting and Supporting Authors Across the Globe. There are no set rules of engagement. The following is an idea that struck me while watching the Opening Ceremony For those who watched, we saw the Creativity of the Korean Nations coming together as one. Their Creativity no different than the creativity in the writing of every person who has ever written a book. We craft our words and envision the opportunity to reach others with our stories. We give a piece of our heart in every word we write. So why not hold an Olympics of our Own. Let’s reach across the globe and find a few new friends, share their work with the world and ask them to do the same with yours. Here are the suggested rules of the 2018 Winter Olympics – Authors Meeting and Supporting Authors Across the Globe.

1. Start with an author that falls within your Heritage. For example, Author JohnEgreek is a second-generation Greek-Albanian-American, so he will find an author in both Greece and Albania to follow on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media applications. Find a way to reach the author with a personal invitation to join in the fun.

2. Then send a copy of this blog to the Author as an introduction to the 2018 Winter Olympics – Authors Meeting and Supporting Authors Across the Globe. Make this offer as your personal invitation to share their work for the duration of the Winter Olympics by tweeting their published books and the location for purchase twice daily.

3. Ask the Author of the Country of Choice to do the same with your book and provide them the links to share, asking them to provide you with their links to share.

4. Each day beginning 2/10/18, find a new author somewhere besides your country of origin and do the same. Add as many foreign Author friends as reasonably possible.

5. There are NO gold medal winners. This is NOT a competition. It’s an opportunity to meet Authors from other countries and share your work with their mother country as they too will gain the opportunity to share theirs with ours.

6. Be Creative. Make new friends. Reach out and touch someone with your heart, with your words, and with your book.

7. Let the fun and games begin.

2018 image Copyright:’>fifg / 123RF Stock Photo